Gulf of Maine Register of Marine Species

The Gulf of Maine Register of Marine Species was developed by The Gulf of Maine Program of the Census of Marine Life, with the Huntsman Marine Science Center of St. Andrews, New Brunswick. This register is a list of species inhabiting Gulf of Maine waters, including those over Georges Bank and the adjacent continental slope. The species span diatoms to marine mammals, with scientific and common names, synonyms, and generally follow the standardized classification and provide the Taxonomic Serial Number of the Integrated Taxonomic Information System.

IMPORTANT – THIS REGISTER IS IN PRELIMINARY FORM. IT IS NOT A DEFINITIVE REFERENCE AND SHOULD BE USED ONLY AS A GUIDE. This register represents the first attempt to develop a comprehensive list of marine species in Gulf of Maine waters.

-First step (done) – species names were compiled using chiefly compendia and treatments of major groups or assemblages of organisms.

-Next step (in progress) – to fill gaps, and to review the taxonomy in detail (such as resolution of nomenclature and synonyms, incorporation of additional scientific publications on lower taxonomic levels, and seeking input from experts for various groups of organisms).

Therefore this list must be viewed as a work in progress and should not be used as a definitive list of marine species for the Gulf of Maine.



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