Interactive Distribution Maps

How have fish distributions changed through time?

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These maps show how fish abundance and distributions have changed through time. Mapping historical fish distribution patterns and management regimes can shed light on the effectiveness of the management efforts in use.

Acadian Red Fish
(Sebastes fasciatus)
Fall Spring
American Plaice
(Hippoglossoides platessoides)
Fall Spring
Atlantic Cod
(Gadus morhua)
Fall Spring
(Melanogrammus aeglefinus)
Fall Spring
Silver Hake
(Merluccius bilinearis)
Fall Spring
Spiny Dogfish
(Squalus acanthias)
Fall Spring
White Hake
(Uyrophycis tenuis)
Fall Spring
Winter Flounder
(Pseudoleuronectes americanus)
Fall Spring
Witch Flounder
(Glyptocephalus cynoglossus)
Fall Spring
Yellowtail Flounder
(Limanda ferruginea)
Fall Spring
Aesop Shrimp
(Pandalus montagui)
Northen Shrimp
(Pandalus borealis)

NMFS NEFSC Bottom Trawl Survey 1963-2003
This bottom trawl survey data are provided by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center of the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service in Woods Hole, MA, USA. This is the U.S. analog to the DFO Bottom Trawl Survey. Data is provided for 1963 through 2003.