Research Journals and Logs

NEAq's Research Vessel, Galatea, in Portland Harbor

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to conduct scientific research at sea or along the rocky shore. Read some personal experiences as recorded in Research Journals.

The Platts Bank journals describe offshore research on a small bank off the coast of Maine where whales, fish and seabirds can be extremely active. In the 2005 Platts Bank journal, Research Assistant Heather McRae describes her experiences observing whales from onboard a research vessel and from up in a survey airplane. In the 2006 Platts Bank journal, Master’s student Adam Baukus compares his observations with what he and the research team had seen the year before. He also describes the equipment used to study the little-known oceanographic features called “internal waves.”

Jorge and Christina, collect seaweed samples to take back to the lab.

The Cobscook Bay journals show many aspects of coastal research. The Cobscook Bay History of the Nearshore Project brought together an international team of scientists to investigate changes in biodiversity in intertidal and near-shore zones. Photo journals by GoMA’s Education & Outreach Coordinator Susan Ryan and Suffolk University Professor Tom Trott provide glimpses into research out in the field and back at laboratory. In Personal Perspectives, several teachers, students, and researchers reflect back on their participation in the project.