Spring 2009
ESP 380: Biodiversity and Conservation IssuesLewis Incze, Ph.D. USM Department of Environmental Science
This course presents an overview of biodiversity patterns over space and time, the processes that influence biodiversity, and the role that biodiversity plays in ecosystem function and adaptability. We examine anthropogenic influences on biodiversity and consider management challenges and strategies for the future. The course is structured around classroom lecture, outside reading of selected texts and primary literature, and in-class discussion. Prerequisites are ESP 101, Bio 101, or equivalent introductory level biology or ecology, or permission of the instructor. Junior or Senior standing is recommended. Graduate students are welcomed.
June 21 – 27, 2009
Invertebrate Indicators of Marine Coastal Habitats with Tom Trott and Robert E. Knowlton (PDF – 180 KB)
Summer 2009
The Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML), run jointly by Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire, is located on Appledore Island, Maine (Isles of Shoals), off Portsmouth NH. SML offers college credit courses for undergraduates, high school students, and teachers; internships for undergraduates and teachers; and non-credit programs for the public.
August 10-22, 2009
Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center in Nahant will host a Coastal Ocean Science Academy for students entering grades 9 and 10. During this two-week program, students will do field work in local marine habitats and will participate in ongoing Marine Science Center research. Students will participate in field sampling, invasive species monitoring, beach clean-up, benthic organism surveys, and more. For more information visit the Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center web site.